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Ukrainian Showcase @ Reeperbahn Festival

We invite you to get to know Ukrainian musicians in exile and musicians in Ukraine, who are allowed to leave the country via special permit especially for the festival. The aim is to support Ukrainian musicians to continue their vocation, passion and work and to preserve the cultural diversity of Ukraine.


KEBU & Saymoriy: Between trip-hop, traditional sounds and pop in trance mode, their music sounds equally mystical and modern.

Lucas Bird: The multi-instrumentalist from Kiev, who is accompanied by a three-piece band, creates minimalist pop gems seemingly in his sleep. 

Hyphen Dash: A trio that is dedicated to the marriage of apparent opposites, musically moving somewhere between jazz fusion and instrumental hip-hop.

Maryana Klochko: Ignoring all trends,  seemingly effortlessly, she mixes spherical pop with her charismatic minimalist vocal poetry, experimental ambience with ghostly club atmosphere or post-apocalyptic folk with crunchy breakbeats.

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